Employers’ Liability insurance protects businesses against claims made against them by employees should they become ill or injured in the course of their employment.

Employers’ Liability protects businesses against lawsuits that may develop as a result of an injury, such as one of your employees, past or present, making a claim against you and your company.

Who needs Employers’ Liability cover?

Employers’ Liability is essential and legally required for most businesses in the UK. Without it, you would be breaking the law if your company employs one or more members of staff and you don’t have Employers’ Liability insurance. The cover also applies to employees who previously worked for you because some illnesses or injuries can take time to become apparent and develop.

Most Insurance policies usually provide cover up to £10 million or more if required.

Arranging a combined Liability policy is the best way to protect yourself from claims made against you. Our job is to simplify your options. So, talk to one of our team and we’ll keep the process as simple as possible and find you the most appropriate and cost-effective insurance policy.

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