Fireworks Insurance
Retailers – Are you thinking of selling fireworks?

If you have a shop you may start to sell small amounts of fireworks as we approach Bonfire Night. If you are doing so, there is some important Government advice to be aware of and remember to advise your insurer:

• You must be ‘registered’ or obtain a ‘licence’ to store fireworks
• You must obtain a ‘licence to sell fireworks’ if you intend to supply (sell) outside the usual fireworks period.
• You must do a thorough risk assessment to ensure they are being stored and sold safely, including considering how you can prevent a fire starting, stop it from spreading and protect people in the event of a fire.
• Store fireworks safely – keep away from sources of ignition including any portable space heaters
• Do not sell fireworks to under 18s and always ask for proof of ID
• You must carefully plan and ensure all staff know their fire drill and what they should do in the event of a fire

The Fireworks Regulations 2004 require that Retailers must display a sign where fireworks are supplied from, stating that it is illegal:
1. To sell adult fireworks or sparklers to anyone under 18;
2. For anyone under 18 to possess adult fireworks in a public place

HSE have put together a useful leaflet that provides good advice to those planning to sell fireworks and can be found at: 

Retailers – Are you thinking of selling fireworks?
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